❤ FOTW #3 ❤

What a long day at work today, I feel rather tired now. I shall pass out right after this post, that's what I shall do oh yes!  Maybe with some tea to accompany me! What is your favorite tea or beverage to help you relax and possibly help you sleep as well? Let me know! But before you do that, here's the third week of a new make up!

❤ Sunday Diet Result #1 ❤

Wow, one week has passed and it is time for an update, just as I promised to do. My first week of changing my lifestyle was very nice, surprisingly. I was expecting to feel moody or even tired weak cold you know, all that kinda jazz you get if you 'diet' or change stuff drastically. So have fun reading through my post.

❤ FOTW #2 ❤

Wow, two days into work (9 hours a day), and I am already in desperate need of holidays again. Maybe I was not born to work, just joking here. If you want to have lots of things, work for your money and you can buy yourself whatever you want in time. Otherwise I would not be able to afford all my make-up carvings!

Anyhow, it is time for a new FOTW; some things have changed this week! So let's jump right in! On a side note; Once I see my series running properly, I will also post a picture of how the make-up looks together, put on on my canvas I call a face!

❤ The Diet ❤

Now, I don't think I would want to call the following series on my blog related to 'Diet'. I'd rather consider it a change in my eating habits, a change in lifestyle. The past four weeks, I've been off work, finally getting some well deserved rest. No surprise, it ended up with me stuffing my face whenever I could, with whatever I'd get my hands on. Fruits and Veggies were barely on my list. This morning, I shockingly released that those 4 weeks did take their turn on me. My favorite skinny jeans decided to pinch, the scales weren't my friends anymore either, and thats when I decided. Enough is Enough!

Every sunday, I am planning to give you guys an update, what I've been eating, my workout, how I am feeling and of course, what always interests me the most, the results! I am not saying everyone should diet and all that stuff, if you are happy with the way you are that is fantastic :)

❤ FOTW #1 ❤

Hey guys, how has the start of the week been for you? I am enjoying my last official days of vacation before I must head back to a 40 hour work a week schedule. I know I know, I shouldn't be complaining, after all my work allows me to invest in all my make-up carvings haha.

Anyway, lets jump right into a new series I wanna start, called FOTW (face of the week). Since I have a lot of make-up and hardly ever move out of my comfort zone, I've decided to wear the same products a week, then switch them the next, and so on and so forth. That's how I believe every make-up that I own will get some loving in the end, what do you guys think?

This week's look is very simple, nothing too fancy since I am still on vacation and don't wanna wear too much make-up to give my skin a good well deserved break.