❤ The Diet ❤

Now, I don't think I would want to call the following series on my blog related to 'Diet'. I'd rather consider it a change in my eating habits, a change in lifestyle. The past four weeks, I've been off work, finally getting some well deserved rest. No surprise, it ended up with me stuffing my face whenever I could, with whatever I'd get my hands on. Fruits and Veggies were barely on my list. This morning, I shockingly released that those 4 weeks did take their turn on me. My favorite skinny jeans decided to pinch, the scales weren't my friends anymore either, and thats when I decided. Enough is Enough!

Every sunday, I am planning to give you guys an update, what I've been eating, my workout, how I am feeling and of course, what always interests me the most, the results! I am not saying everyone should diet and all that stuff, if you are happy with the way you are that is fantastic :)

Here are my reasons of why I've decided to change things:

1) Due to stress from work, and now all the junk food and sweets, my hair has decided to be brittle, I even lose some hair right from the roots, which is quite scary! (if you wish to know what products I use to combat hair loss, let me know in the comments and I'll post about it)

2) From all the junk food, I feel rather lazy and unmotivated, overly tired as well. I slept all night, I am awake for an hour or two and feel like I've not slept at all. Boo!

3) Of course I wish to lose weight, though I consider myself 'normal weight' , I am the type of girl that stores all the extra pounds on her butt and thighs. Any other pear-shaped girls feeling my pain here?

4) My skin has been acting up, hence no face posts at the moment :'( haha. As they say, the skin shows your inner health, or something along that line. Right now my forehead likes to get bumpy :(

Let us see if I can succeed :) maybe even join me!

Check every sunday for a proper update and pictures of what I ate

What is your body type? and name your favorite features of yourself in the comments ^_^ 
after all, confidence is key right?


(ps: pictures were taken from tumblr!)


Ana Céline said...

That's a brilliant idea, I really need to change my eating habits as well. A healthy diet is good for your overall health :) so yay let's do this together! :D

Ana xo

Freyas Fashion Chapter said...

My forehead likes to get bumpy too (sigh) Love this post idea, I shall be keeping tuned x
Freya's Fashion Chapter

Dannielle said...

I've just decided I need to do this too, long summer holidays off uni are a bad influence on me! xx

D Is For...

guru chatter said...

looks good !

I have a gossip blog about the youtube gurus, check it out :D
Guru Chatter Blog!!
Follow and i will follow back!!


Krisha Sia said...

Wow I should really change my eating habits now... Amazing blog post!!

Wanna follow each other?

Talisa Tossell said...

Really lovely to read through this post, thank you!! xx


Fernanda said...

Good on you for doing this! I'm actually going through something kinda similar, trying to change my habits and so far I'm pretty happy with my decision! haha Looking forward to see how you're doing! xx


Inês Paúl said...

I've been trying to change to a healthier lifestyle too. I will love to see your updates :) xx

// Inês Paúl //

Amanda Gabriella said...

Loved how you say its a lifestyle and not a diet!! I totally agree and also have a passion for staying healthy and fit ! http://amandagabriella22.blogspot.com

Mz CocoH said...

So yummmy! Breakfast pattern!

Visit and follow my blog-sphere if you wish to keep in touch, i'd also do the same right away :)


Feranmi Thomas said...

This is a great idea, I think I'm going to join you and I've you ever tried using sugar and lemon for your face? lots of youtube tutorials on it, I've been using and honestly I've never looked back.